Choose Your Own Adventure

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I’m at a point in my life where I should have a better grasp on my priorities, but I dont and I’m fine with it. In fact, I make myself proud.
Right now, I’m unemployed, without a steady income, and would rather go out for dinner and drinks with friends or go to a rock show once in a while than pay all of my bills on time.
My thought is, bills will always be there and I’ll pay when I’m able to.
In some circles I might be considered an entrepreneur, a risk taker.
The term entrepreneur is used mostly in business when one invests money in something with hopes to grow his or her investment.
I feel that I am investing money in my personal happiness.
I know that this phrase is very cliche, but “Carpe Deim.”
Those really are words to remember when making decisions as to how you want to spend your free time and live your life.
Try to think of the big picture as much as possible.
(I have life goals. I’ll share them in upcoming entries)
Another cliche, but very relevant to this thought is… “You Could Die Tomorrow”.
Death is not something that I think about, but I do know that I’m not getting any younger. Therefore, I want to take advantage of every opportunity to do things that make me happy. Sometimes these things are not exciting things(like eating out), but they do cause me to spend money that I dont have.
I don’t want to encourage folks to spend money carelessly or make poor financial decisions, but just be aware of what makes you happy and choose your own adventure.
This entry was originally going to be a review of The Donnas show that I attended over the weekend. It was a charity event for breast cancer and the $24 ticket price was higher than a normal rock show. It was an amazing performance. I had fun with friends and I’m very glad I decided to go, rather than stay home.


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