Scan Of The Day #002

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Jamie Lee Curtis Fangoria Interview 1980

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I picked up an old Fangoria Magazine from the used bookstore today. Marked Issue #9 and dated 1980, back when Fangoria was only published bi-monthly.

It featured a small interview with Jamie Lee Curtis. This interview was done after the success of “Halloween” and “The Fog” and before “Halloween II” began shooting.

It’s a good, quick read. I liked it because she is very honest and humble in her approach to working as an actress and just doing horror films because they are the only roles that she has been chosen for. She agrees to do them to further her career and not necessarily because she’s passionate about them. In fact, she admits that she doesn’t even like watching them because they terrify her.

It’s interesting that 30 years ago, it was no big deal for a movie’s lead actor to only express partial interest in the project they were promoting.

Nowadays, everything is so squeaky clean. This would be a publicity nightmare and the actor would be blacklisted.

It’s great to see that Jamie Lee Curtis went on to be a very successful mainstream actress.

Do yourself a favor and watch the first 2 “Halloween” films back to back. They connect seamlessly and make a nice double feature.

Rock On And Be Well — Jasper

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Scan of The Day #001

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Eminem Promo Leak — Pay Attention Musicians and Marketers

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My last post was about Eminem’s new jam available on iTunes from his upcoming record, Recovery.

A recording of him doing 2 minutes of freestyle rap titled “Despicable” was recently “leaked” and it’s all over youtube.

I am sharing it here for several reasons.

First off, it’s great. No chorus. Just Em layin down rhyme after rhyme like no other.

One of the iTunes reviews that I read yesterday for “Not Afraid” said “I Think His Prime is Still Ahead of Him”.

I rolled my eyes for a second, just thinking it’s a fan who’s overly excited about the new material, but after hearing “Despicable”, I completely agree.

The delivery is equally as fierce as anything on “The Marshall Mathers LP”, which to many is one of, if not THEE, most groundbreaking rap records ever recorded.

This is the important part for marketers and new media trend followers…

If you are a musician or a person who is responsible for marketing any product or brand, there is a lesson here that you should store in your memory bank.

When the beat ends, Eminem says “Recovery”. The title of the new record.

This is obviously an intentional leak that was put out there to go viral and get people excited about the new record …and it worked.

Many individuals have created videos to run with this song and have uploaded them to youtube. The view count is collectively at over 500,000.

This is less expensive and more effective than any effort that will be put towards promoting this record.

I suppose one could compare this to releasing a teaser trailer for an upcoming film, a preview page for an upcoming comic book or pre-releasing an official music video for a record’s first single. These are not a new concepts or practices.

This particular case is unique because Em has shared something that will not be included on the record.

I wish that every single one of my favorite bands shared demo versions or rough mixes of new songs that they’re recording to get myself and other fans excited about an upcoming release. Or, like Eminem, share something that won’t be on the record with the possibility of it going viral.

The “Wait ‘Til Christmas” approach to marketing is tired and not conducive to the successful release of the official product.

Give people a peek.

The tools are available to get your followers/demographic/fanbase excited about your next move.

Show Confidence. Be smart and use them.

Eminem “Not Afraid” Single Drops On iTunes This Week

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eminem itunes ratings

Eminem’s new single “Not Afraid” was released on itunes on Tuesday.

The song is great. Some of the lyrics are a bit self deprecating. I always like it when an artist drops the ego and gives you something honest. In one of the lines, he weaves in “….In Fact, Let’s Be Honest. That Last Relapse CD Was Ehhh…”

However, I was most surprised to see that the song received nearly 5000 itunes ratings in just 48 hours and over 4400 of them were 5 star ratings.
I cant wait to hear the rest of the record when it comes out on June 22nd.

If you want to give the song a listen, I’ve embedded a youtube video below uploaded by a fan. The official video is in production now.

Dee Dee Ramone Is Great — Reason #001

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Dee Dee King - Standing In The Spotlight (1989)
Dee Dee Ramone is my one of my biggest Rock n Roll idols. There will never be another like him. He was the primary songwriter for The Ramones (The Greatest American Rock N Roll Band History) and wrote songs for them to record even after he left the group.

Before I write an essay on everything that makes Dee Dee great, I’ll get to the point of today’s thought that I’d like to share.

The Ramones spent most of their career in the 80s as a dysfunctional family. Personal differences didn’t stop them from touring though.

Dee Dee battled with sobriety throughout his entire Rock n Roll career and decided that being on tour wasn’t helping him stay sober.

He left The Ramones in 1989 to pursue a solo career as a rapper known as “Dee Dee King”. He wrote and released a record titled “Standing in The Spotlight”, which features a mixture of hip hop and rock songs. This record is hard to find and it’s pretty underrated in my opinion.

I have included 2 songs from the record in this post. “The Crusher”, which ended up later on a Ramones record and “2 Much 2 Drink”, which is a rap jam.

My good friend, Michael Butler, who hosts “The Rock n Roll Geek Show” podcast dedicated an entire episode to this record. It’s a great listen. You can find it HERE.

Enjoy The Jams and Be Well, Friends — Jasper

icon for podpress  The Crusher [3:30m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

icon for podpress  2 Much 2 Drink [3:36m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace