Eminem “Not Afraid” Single Drops On iTunes This Week

Filed under:New Releases and Leaks — posted by Jasper on 2010/05/06 @ 2:11 AM

eminem itunes ratings

Eminem’s new single “Not Afraid” was released on itunes on Tuesday.

The song is great. Some of the lyrics are a bit self deprecating. I always like it when an artist drops the ego and gives you something honest. In one of the lines, he weaves in “….In Fact, Let’s Be Honest. That Last Relapse CD Was Ehhh…”

However, I was most surprised to see that the song received nearly 5000 itunes ratings in just 48 hours and over 4400 of them were 5 star ratings.
I cant wait to hear the rest of the record when it comes out on June 22nd.

If you want to give the song a listen, I’ve embedded a youtube video below uploaded by a fan. The official video is in production now.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace