Scan of The Day #003

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Motivation. Inspiration. …and Lack Thereof.

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I tend to be attracted to projects and activities that allow me to be creative and independent on some level.

Graphic design. Playing and writing music. Podcasting. Woodworking/Building. Decorating/Organizing. Cooking. Business/Marketing projects and now, blogging/writing.

I’ve learned that when some things in my life are not properly aligned and there are no tangible consequences, I lose my motivation and inspiration to continue producing consistent work.

I feel super motivated this week because I created a gig poster for a band that I love and support, The Dollyrots. The poster is for their new record’s release party in Los Angeles, the city where they are based.

As a person who used to be in a band with a record, I’ll say that a record release show in your hometown is one of the more important and sentimental shows that you will ever play. You might get more gigs playing in front of a larger crowd or opening for your favorite band, but at a record release party in your hometown, all of your friends/fans show up and to hang out and appreciate the music that you spent hours and days and weeks writing and recording, not to mention the time that goes into package design and other things.

The graphic for the gig poster was mainly created to commemorate the event and hang onto as a keepsake for the fans, but more importantly the bands that played. I’ll post the image later.

As the designer, if I dont complete the job on time or give the band something they would be happy to share and admire for years after the event, I feel like I would have struck out in a big way and that would be my consequence.

Working on this project this week has both inspired me and motivated me to continue to produce creative work more regularly on some level whether there are consequences or not.

Whether it be something like a graphic design project or something as simple as attempting a new recipe or reorganizing the garage, I need to stay motivated and inspired to continue doing these things. I also need to stay aware of what inspires me, what motivates me and if I do not produce… what are the consequences?

If you share some of my personality traits, you should also continue to ask yourself these things…

What motivates you? What inspires you? Will you have consequences if you do not produce?

Make a list if necessary.

Thanks for reading.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace