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Moving Disaster.

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Hey Friends. I generally like to keep all of the things I share here pretty friendly and positive.

However, I feel like I would be doing my readers, their friends and their relatives a huge disservice if I dont at least share my recent experience hiring 2 organizations to move my belongings from Detroit to Austin.

I will try to keep this brief, while getting my message across loud and clear.

I had the worst week of my life just over a week ago.

This was partially my fault because I didnt do my internet research before choosing a company to move my things.

The nationwide moving business is quite a crooked one that is controlled by people that are not required to be held accountable by any legislation.

I was given an excellent price to move my things from Detroit to Austin.

I chose to hire a moving broker. That was my first mistake.

Moving brokers are sales organizations for the most part.

The broker that I chose was Budget Van Lines, based out of New York, not to be confused with a more reputable company, Budget Truck Rental.

My sales representative was Brad Joiner.
He can be easily reached at 800.611.6001 ext 771.
Feel free to get creative and tie up his phone line for a laugh.

After selling the job, an organization, AllState Relocation, located outside Los Angeles was brought in to move the items from my storage location in Detroit to my home in Austin.

After collecting $1200 and all of my possessions, the balance upon arrival was to be $600.

After picking up my things, I was informed that due to a difference in weight from the original estimate, the new balance on arrival would be $3300.. and the load was scheduled to arrive in less than 10 days.

I then decided to do research on both companies and found that this was a common practice cleverly designed to extort money from people like me.

No new contract or invoice was prepared to document the increase in price.
..and Trust me, I requested one over and over.

My options were…
1. Pay Allstate Relocation the $3300 they requested
2. Let Allstate Relocation keep my things and pay storage and additional costs, while I raised the balance.
3. Let Allstate Relocation keep my items while a formal complaint was processed and a civil trial was arranged.
4. Give Allstate Relocation my things to auction off and let them keep the $1200 that I had already paid them.

I decided to go with option 1.

I will spare you the bloody details and just say…
The good news is, I have all of my things–some damaged.
The bad news is, I now owe a lot of people money.

I learned that I have amazing friends and family who are very understanding and giving when a person in my situation really has no other options.

Many of the people who helped me out were folks who I’ve met through doing my podcasts and never met face to face.
This humbles me and makes me strive to deliver content that I deem great, regularly, and be the best that I can be in all of my internet endeavors.

I have made a lot of statements in today’s post.
Here is the one thing that I would like to be relayed to everyone…

Before making a high priced purchase for an item or service, Google it and do the necessary research.

After reading reviews of Allstate Relocation and Budget Van Lines on citysearch, yahoo and The Better Business Bureau websites, I found out that I really made a poor and impulsive decision.

Thanks for reading.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace