My Recent Computer Upgrade Project

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I recently upgraded and partitioned the hard drive in my 17″ Intel iMac recently.
Texas heat really makes me worry when I’m deep in a graphic or audio project and I feel that my computer is running too hot.
I did some research on upgrading the hard drive to allow me some additional storage and to put less stress on the processor.
Let me rewind…
I’ve owned two iMac G5s that have overheated and died before I purchased the machine I’m working on now.
The G5s are VERY easy for any novice to upgrade. The back comes off when 3 screws are loosened. After that, the components are easily accessible.
I’ve upgraded a hard drive and an optical drive on my old G5s.
Click here for a tutorial with some photos.
Now, back to upgrading my Intel iMac…
The Intel iMacs are more complex to work on. All of the components, like the hard drive, are BEHIND the display(screen) and covered with a heavy foil that is held on tightly with a very strong adhesive.
Click here for a tutorial to upgrade the hard drive on an iMac with an Intel processor.
I read through the tutorial months before I had the confidence to attempt the procedure.
So.. What’s the point of sharing this in my blog??
This is my way of encouraging you to do the thing that you think you might not be capable of doing.
I know I saved at least $100 or $200 by doing this myself instead of taking my computer to a professional.
..a couple more things..
I partitioned my hard drive, which I’ve never done.
In some ways, it was a more involved procedure that required more online research.
Click Here and Here for some helpful websites with info on partitioning your hard drive and creating disc images.
Lastly, I got a rad deal on my hard drive at Fry’s, but their tools are overpriced, compared to Home Depot.
Thanks for Reading.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace