Devil’s Night a.k.a. “I Remember Halloween”

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The Misfits — Halloween.mp3
Ok. Halloween is over. This year was a good one, because it was the first Halloween that I spent in Austin. Compared to Detroit, there were several things that I did not experience and kinda miss.
The biggest difference…
There’s no such thing as “Devil’s Night” in Austin.
My reaction was…
Now, I’m curious as to what areas outside of Detroit celebrate and experience Devil’s Night.
For anyone who is unaware, Devil’s Night is the night before Halloween, where you and your friends go out and vandalize your neighbors’ property.
I have participated in Devil’s Night once or twice when I was much younger.
I stuck to the harmless pranks like, throwing rolls of toilet paper over the neighbors’ trees, writing on windows with bars of soap and maybe some egg throwing.
However, Devil’s Night has now become a 3 day event that is perpetuated by sociopaths who have no respect for their own community.
However, in some of the worst areas, cars, homes and commercial buildings were set on fire and other things were spray painted to celebrate “Devil’s Night”.
There was a time, when folks in neighboring areas would stand on their roofs to watch parts of the city burn.
This years arson count is up 169, compared to last year’s 119 fires
Most communities have implemented neighborhood watch initiatives and the media has been semi-successful in changing the name from “Devil’s Night” to “Angel’s Night”.
However, I will always refer to October 30th as “Devil’s Night”.
I hope everyone had safe Devil’s Night and Happy Halloween.
Thanks for Reading.

Scan of The Day #003

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Scan Of The Day #002

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Jamie Lee Curtis Fangoria Interview 1980

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I picked up an old Fangoria Magazine from the used bookstore today. Marked Issue #9 and dated 1980, back when Fangoria was only published bi-monthly.

It featured a small interview with Jamie Lee Curtis. This interview was done after the success of “Halloween” and “The Fog” and before “Halloween II” began shooting.

It’s a good, quick read. I liked it because she is very honest and humble in her approach to working as an actress and just doing horror films because they are the only roles that she has been chosen for. She agrees to do them to further her career and not necessarily because she’s passionate about them. In fact, she admits that she doesn’t even like watching them because they terrify her.

It’s interesting that 30 years ago, it was no big deal for a movie’s lead actor to only express partial interest in the project they were promoting.

Nowadays, everything is so squeaky clean. This would be a publicity nightmare and the actor would be blacklisted.

It’s great to see that Jamie Lee Curtis went on to be a very successful mainstream actress.

Do yourself a favor and watch the first 2 “Halloween” films back to back. They connect seamlessly and make a nice double feature.

Rock On And Be Well — Jasper

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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace